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**** "Kiwi" is a person originally from New Zealand

Most people recognise NZ from "Lord of the Rings"


A Kiwi was wandering around the world and Trujillo cast it's spell. Who could resist the beautiful bay with mountains standing over the calm waters? The first trip to "Casa Kiwi" in 2001 was by boat as there was no road, power or water. There were no trees, the grass was chest high and no neighbours. Once the papers were in order; the road was the first to be built, and with the road came the water. In less than a month the property had electricity, water, road and boundary markers. In less than eight months the main hotel building and a small bar & restaurant had been built and 'Casa Kiwi' was open for business! March 2002.

The very first guests were a couple from Holland with a few English right behind. Little by little the place was improved, the restaurant expanded and the bungalows were built. People were only coming to Trujillo to stay at the Hotel 'Casa Kiwi'. Many people kept coming back.

Between 2005 - 2008 Kiwi kept wandering off leaving friends to manage the hotel in between visits. Oct 2010 - April 2011 was closed due to Kiwi being away and not planning on reopening. The response was tremendous and Kiwi bowed to demand and reopened the hotel until 30 January 2012. Kiwi closed the doors for the last time and went exploring life.


Video Of The Beachfront Hotel Property August 2018


During the years 2012 - 2018 the hotel went through some heartbreaking times. Much of that time was empty and some of it had people renting. Various attempts at running the hotel and restaurant were depressing as unfortunately the 'Casa Kiwi' standards that people had become accustomed to were not kept up. This can be seen in many reviews still showing online.

Hopefully we'll have some good news to share shortly as the hotel undergoes renovations and new management.

The original Kiwi still owns the property. The property is large and so it was decided to divide the property into the hotel area in front, with "vacation" lots behind. This way, more people can enjoy 'Casa Kiwi'. Kiwi is responsible for the lots available for sale and the hotel is presently rented to others as a separate business.



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