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Your Balcony To Beach In 30 Seconds

Buy Property On The Best Trujillo Beach Ready For Your Vacations


Complete Relaxation... It’s Time To Jump In And Enjoy Your Weekend!

This Is Your Reality When You Secure Your Lot In Trujillo At Casa Kiwi

You stretch out from your hammock. Reach into ice and snag your favourite beverage. It feels so good going down! Grab your towel and sunglasses and in 30 seconds you wiggle your toes in the sand. Under the shade of a coconut tree you taste the fresh salty air.



Your Beach At The Kiwi Property


Appreciate the empty beach stretching for miles to your left and contemplate climbing the cool green mountains rising above town... Tomorrow, maybe...Your eyes follow a boat curling towards Puerto Castilla in the distance. In front of you the calm blue waters reach towards the horizon, beckoning to you...

No driving for 45 mins on bumpy dirt roads. No fighting traffic to get through town. You drove on asphalt 6 minutes from the Trujillo triangle to arrive at your gate... whereas it takes 10 minutes to arrive at the central park in town.


Where Do You Prefer To Be?



Stuck in traffic? Jostling with crowds? Not you. A sweltering 20 minute walk uphill to your hotel? Not you. Lounging on the beach before others are out of their car... This is you! Tranquil in the comfort and convenience of your own beach house.

Because This Is What You Deserve!

Now - anticipate sipping that cocktail over sunset.


Sunset & Beach - Fresh Coconut With Rum Anyone?


How Trujillo Is Developing Into A Tourist Destination To Contend With

The cruise ships have caused significant improvements in Trujillo. All this development has provided further jobs for Trujillo, in service areas, construction, security, and maintenance. Because of the cruise port, gated communities and more vacation homes, it’s inevitable that infrastructure will improve.

(, 30 April 2018)


Get In Now!

Tel. +504-9855-3774

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Watch The Video In The Following Article:

Trujillo, Un Paraíso Que Enamora

(La Prensa, 04 agosto 2018)


Trujillo, Una Joya Histórica

(La Prensa, 22 julio 2018)



Grab Your Beach “Getaway” Now Before Prices Rise

Trujillo is very safe, abundant in beautiful nature; a quiet historical town sitting on the best beaches in Honduras. Growth in the area can already be seen with incredible potential to become a major tourist destination as more people discover the beauty and tranquillity of Trujillo


Turismo En Trujillo Va En Crecimiento

(, 05 junio 2018)




Sea, Beach, Guaymoreto Lagoon & Mountains Are Your Neighbours



Trujillo, La Nueva Ruta De Capitalinos y Olanchanos

(La Prensa, 26 marzo 2018)


160m Beachfront Set On 4 Manzanas

Now we’re giving you the chance to buy your own piece of paradise. These are incredible value compared to other lots available in Trujillo. With no waves you can relax with peace of mind and your children feel safe. Take advantage of an empty beach and clear water. You will love sitting back in the hushed afternoons without noisy neighbours or traffic.



Calm Seas & Safe Anchorage In Font of Kiwi Beach For Your Yacht


Being in the center of the bay and near Guaymoreto lagoon entrance makes Casa Kiwi the perfect location to launch your jetski, windsurfer or boat for all your water adventures. Don't forget the snorkelling at the nearby starfish bank.



Kiwi Property With The Hotel & Beach


Casa Kiwi is the only development in the middle of the bay. Right now, no-one else offers the same fantastic views or mirror-like waters. No-one else on this side can show you progress. Utilities and access already exist as the hotel is established since 2002. Clear Title!

Look at the proven history that shows no man nor nature have taken away the land. Neither hurricanes nor tropical rains caused significant damage during 15 years of residence.


Llegada De Turístas Crecio 75% Este Año En Trujillo

El eden hondureño de las mil maravillas turísticas. Una prueba del despegue turístico de Trujillo es que en Semana Santa de este año recibío más de 400,000 visitantes

(La Prensa, 28 may 2017)


Ocupación Hotelera Supera El 90% Por Feriado Morazánico

Los destinos más visitados hasta el momento son Roatan, Trujillo..

(La Prensa, 05 oct 2017)


The hotel was open 365 days a year always with complete vehicle access. At no time was Casa Kiwi ever cut off from town or the exit road of Trujillo. Usually the worst weather in Trujillo comes only end-October and November giving you 10 months a year to enjoy the beach life.



Location Of Casa Kiwi Property In Trujillo Bay


Discover Your Oasis On This Secluded Beach Property In Easy Reach Of Trujillo

Easy access from Tegucigalpa in 5 hours on the new highway through Olancho. 5 hours also gets you to San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba only 2.5 hours. Only 16 minutes on asphalt from Casa Kiwi to Trujillo town center.

At Casa Kiwi you are near all the conveniences of town without the noise and annoyances of city life. Gas stations can be found 2 minutes the other side of the Trujillo triangle or in town on the main entrance road 3 minutes before the central park.



Calm Sea & Quiet Beach In Front Of The Kiwi Property


Relax knowing Trujillo is well equipped for any medical concern with a hospital, pharmacies, laboratories, medical and dental clinics. Supermarkets, banks, ATM's, hardware stores, and everything else you may need are in town.



Cruiseship & Beach Life In Trujillo Bay


The Guanaja ferry runs three times a week and buses serve Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula. Trujillo boasts an airport and cruise-ships dock here since 2014.


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Full information by Email or Whatsapp



Did You Vacation At Casa Kiwi Between 2002-2012?

Then you appreciate how beautiful and relaxing the place is. How easy it is to get to. You also know that the owner gets things done. This property was developed into a hotel before any other major investment in the area.



Working On The First Stage Of The Streets In The Property July 2018


Feel no anxiety about invasions or false documents. No fear of unfulfilled promises. I am committed to rapid completion, guaranteed.


Refresh Your Memory Here: Tour Casa Kiwi


Not Familiar With Casa Kiwi?

Take The Virtual Tour: Tour Casa Kiwi



History Of The Property & Who We Are: About Us

Enjoy the best of both worlds. The hotel is under renovations to be even better than before so very soon you can indulge in the convenience of a hotel AND your own property.


Video Of The Beachfront Hotel Property August 2018


Spoil yourself at the hotel while building your beach house. Laze in the restaurant when you don’t feel like cooking. Too many friends visiting? Put them up in the hotel.



View From National Park Calentura Of Trujillo Bay


So much to do in Trujillo…. Snorkel, climb Calentura, waterfalls, windsurf, dive, kayak. Feast on fresh seafood and ice cold drinks. Explore Guaimoreto lagoon, historical downtown, zoological park, horseback riding, the list goes on…...


Check Out Things To Do In Trujillo:

Trujillo Tourist Information

After January 2012, Casa Kiwi experienced some distressing times with various people renting the property. Any online reviews between then and May 2018 do not illustrate the reality now.

Casa Kiwi is at a new juncture and today is the time to become a member!


Where Is Your Lot In Trujillo For The Summer?


Lots For Sale At Casa Kiwi, Trujillo


Call Us Now:

Tel: (+504) 9855-3774

telefono+504-9855-3774 whatsapp+50498553774-trujillo-property-kiwi email-lotes-kiwi-trujillo facebook-lotes-kiwi-trujillo




Drone Photo 2018 With Lot Plan & Beach


Buy Two Lots Together & Receive 5% Discount!

Average lot size is 20m x 15m or 300m². Get your friends and family together and build your house in the center of two lots and look at the benefits: Save money, gain more space and more garden – even a better bargain! Don’t miss out, there are only 28 lots available.



Looking For An Investment In Beach Property Rather Than A Vacation House?

Trujillo suffers from a shortage of hotel rooms with the new road bringing a huge influx of tourists from Tegucigalpa. Trujillo has incredible potential right now! Think of the rent you can earn for your beach house especially during weekends and vacations. Many families and friends would rather rent a beach house than stay in a hotel.


Inversión Millonaria Se Aproxima A Trujillo: 26 sep 2018


Imagine earning money while you sleep at home to improve the return on your investment. All this in addition to having your own vacation house on the beach whenever you want. We are working with an arquitect for designs of houses with the rental market in mind.


Empresarios Quieren Invertir Mil Millones De Dólares En Trujillo

(La Prensa, 21 abril 2018)


Start now and you could be earning rent in two to three months as more people discover Trujillo. As one of the first you will have loyal customers before others are ready. Talk to us to see how we can help manage your property.


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Lotes Casa Kiwi, Trujillo


Las Mejores Playas De Honduras Para Disfrutar En Verano

(La Prensa, 02 aug 2016)



The Tranquility Of The Kiwi Property & Beach


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Kiwi Property Beachfront


Aeropuerto De Trujillo y Carretera Son Prioridad Para Honduras

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Kiwi Beach Sunset With Love Of Coconuts, Sea & Sun


Conoce Los Diez Destinos Más Visitados De Honduras

(La Prensa, 07 oct 2016)



Secluded Kiwi Beach During Semana Santa 2018

Trujillo Recibirá Unos 500,000 Turístas En Esta Semana Santa

(La Prensa, 12 abril 2017)



Inside the Property; Coconuts Lining The Beachfront


Trujillo y Sus Ocho Maravíllas En El Caribe De Honduras

(La Prensa, 22 aug 2016)



From The Beach In Front Of The Hotel Kiwi


Trujillo Recibirá 10 Cruceros En Su Cuarta Temporada

(La Prensa, 08 nov 2017)



Another Great Sunset From The Beach At Kiwi Property


Trujillo; Un Nuevo Destino Turístico En Honduras

(Diario La Republica, 07 jun 2017)


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