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Reviews From The Comments Book, Casa Kiwi Hotel 2002 -2012


"Thanks again Casa Kiwi, it is our third visit and our honeymoon. Wonderful time with you, great service, attention, nice and lovely people... We will come back and hope very soon.. there's no words for this place, it's beautiful. Casa Kiwi is the best of Trujillo"
 - Tania & Francisco Gabriel, Honduras


"What a fantastic place to stay in. The cabanas are luxurious and comfortable. Food was terrific. You made us feel really welcome and at home"
 - Glenn & Sally, Australia


"I had heard from other travellers that Casa Kiwi was the place to be in Trujillo... they weren't joking - I just LOVED it here! The fascinating experience of meeting new people and feel like we have a kiwi family is awesome. I am leaving fully relaxed. The trip from Tegucigalpa is definitely worth it. Plus, the beach is simply fabulous"
 - Eloisa, Honduras





"Came for 3 days. Stayed 2 weeks. My entire experience of Honduras consists of sitting on a stool at Casa Kiwi, shame on you for keeping me up all night. Love the place. Took me a week to remember I even had a room. Apparently there is a nice beach here but never left the bar to find out. next time...!"
Steve, Australia

Thank you Casa Kiwi, you made my stay in Trujillo great. Great people, great hostel! -Xavier, France

"Wow - Casa Kiwi is my new favorite place for relaxation in the world! This is the PERFECT spot on the beach to curl up with a good book, chill in the hammock, eat some delicious food, and drink with some good friends (new and old) Thanks for everything.. y'all are the BEST!!"
Beth, USA



"The food is very good.  The beer is very cold.  This is exactly the way it has to be!!"
 - Peter and Sabine, Holland


"Best chill-out place I've ever seen!"
 - Pieter, Netherlands


"Casa Kiwi is definitely the first place / hotel I’ve visited in Honduras where I’ve felt completely relaxed, welcome and safe. With the beach and gorgeous sea and shells being 30 seconds away, nobody could really ask for more. When I come back here in a few years this’ll be one of my stops without question. Cheers!"
 - Nikki, Scotland


"The owner and staff are excellent and cater to your every need. Food is phenomenal, as well as music selection and beachfront property. Dorms are quiet and comfy. Quite possibly the best gem on Honduras’s North Coast. Come if you wish, leave if you can."
- Molly




"Casa Kiwi is the best deal around. I have never been so happy when we closed out our bill... we really got more than our money's worth."


"What can I say... fantastic location, perfect beach, lovely rooms and what a bargain!"
 - Helen, England


"Well, we are about to make our third attempt at escaping! This place is a Vortex, once you enter you can never leave!"
 - Tam & Jas, Australia


"Port Royal and frenchy fries
Moskitos, lizards, sandy flies
Kiwiburger, coke and sprite
Good sound and the sun shines bright
Friendly staff and good the cooking
Rooms could not be better looking
Hammocks, beach and billiard
Living here is not too hard!
Full of praise I lift my glass
You did a
real good job here!"
 - Hampe, Switzerland


"So what I needed, so what I was looking for, so what I got!"
 - Kay, England

"This is the 2nd most beautiful place I've ever been to. This is the best hotel I've ever stayed!!"
 - Andrea, El Salvador


"Every  backpacker need has been met.  A veritable haven."
 - Anne and Leah, UK


"Wonderful little place, great beach, great food, great prices. Absolutely wonderful!"
 - Peter, USA


"Casa Kiwi is an amazing place, Its ALL GOOD. You’ve succeeded in putting together a Backpackers Dream. Bottomless drinks, sleeps in the hammocks and many adventures were had scootering around. The beach is incredible! So tempting to give it all up at home, kick back, and help out for a long while. You have great food and the music was a treat. Some day we will be back. We so enjoyed your company – You are wonderful hosts! Cheers! We’ll be keeping touch!"
 - Linda & Nick



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